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ZMZ-II series intelligent integrated low-voltage power capacitor

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Product Description

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Performance and Features

Intelligent monitoring system

Acquisition of current, voltage, rely on 32-bit plug-in type MCU made by ST America, which can perform quick sampling, the transfer time of 12-bit AD need 1uS only, these can realize high accurate measurement and calculation of 3-P current, 3-P voltage, 3-P active power, reactive power, transparent power and etc, calculation and analysis of harmonics

HMI system
Monitor is LCD with 128X64 matrix, Chinese language, display the time, inside temperature, current, voltage, harmonic parameters at real time, check other parameters, operation status through keys, also the values of over-voltage, under-voltage, under-current, over-temperature, over-compensation can be set and saved, data not lost in case of power failure.

Intelligent connection with power system

The product provides RS485 port, built-in MODBUS-RTU protocol, compatible with DL645-2007 protocol, able to perform remote monitoring and controlling. When more than one product connected with system, they will have one master machine among them automatically, others as slave machines, become automatic control system of reactive power compensation, any of individual one has fault, it will stop running, does not influence on others operating; if the master machine has fault and out of operation, they will produce new master machine automatically, form a new system.

Power capacitor

Hi-performance dry type cylinder-shaped self-healing power capacity, has the merits of well radiation, small size, long service life, ensure the safety and reliability.

Fused disconnector

The general switch cooperated with high breaking fused disconnector is able to break 120KA short circuit current, large break position, to ensure the product able to isolate from system quickly and safely.

Code and implication

Wiring Diagram

Technical parameters


Rated voltage: AC400V(deviation≤±10%,

Sine wave total distortion rate <5%)

Rated current: AC0~5A (current harmonic <10%, current input impedance ≤0.02Ω)

Operating freq:50Hz;   Standby power:<0.5W

Measurement accuracy

Voltage≤0.5%;      Current≤0.5%;    Power≤0.5%;

Power factor ±0.01%;  Temperature ±1℃;

Time ≤100ms

Data of connecting with system

Maxi qty connected with system: ≤99PCS;

Initialized time of connecting with system :≤10s
Ambient operating conditions

Ambient temperature:-30~+60℃

Relative humidity: 90%RH(No dew at 20℃)

Parameter of reactive power compensation

Interval between switching on/off: single piece ≥20s (increase if more pieces operated together)

Maxi capacity of single capacitor: three-phase compensated together (30+30)kVar;

                                                  three-phase compensated respectively 30kVar Other parameters

Capacitor attenuation rate: ≤0.5%/ year,

Failure rate: ≤5%/ year (servicing 6000h)

Permissible switching times: 106;

Protective breaking capacity: 120KA.

Comm. port:RS485

Shape And Installation Size

Shape Size

Installation Size