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RWF Series Electrothermal Capacitor

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The capacitor for electric heating installations is mainly used in inductive heating system to increase power factor or improve circuit characteristic, the performance of RWF and RFM model of water cooled style and full film conforms to JB7110-93 (Capacitor for electric heating installations) and IEC30110(1998) (capacitors for inductive heat generating plants operating at frequencies between 40Hz and 2400Hz).

Working conditions

Indoor uasge:Altitude: less than 1000m.

No violent mechanical vibration, no harmful gas and vapor, no explo sive dust in location.

Temperature of cooled flowing-in less than 30℃;Flowig watervolume of capacitor less than 1000kvar. mot less than 4 L per min, 1000 kavr or more not less than 6L per min.

Long-term over-voltage(less 4 hours within 24) less than 1.1 Un; Long term over-current (including harmonic current)less than 1.35In.

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