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DDS450L Single-Phase Electronic Watt-hour Meters with LCD

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DDS450 series single-phase electronic watt-hourmeter adopts ultra-large digital energy measurement chip and SMT technology, its key components selects that of international brand industrial class, to greatly improve the reliability and service life of product. The product presents graceful appearance, firm structure, good performance and long service life, besides, it has the function of anti-electricity theft, is suitable for measuring AC single-phase active energy of reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1. Specified working temperature: -25℃~55℃;

2. Utmost working temperature: -25℃~60℃;

3. Relative humidity: ≤85% (at environmenttemperature 23℃)

4. There shall be no harmful substance causing the corrosion in the air.

Main Technical data

1. Working voltage: 0.9Un-1.1Un;

2. Power consumption: less than 2W/10VA;

3. Executive standard: GB/T 17215.321-2008;

4. Good temperature performance: the error shall not exceed accuracy range within the temperature range -25℃~55℃;

5. Good light-load performance; the instrument has fine accuracy class at ultra-light load;

6. High accuracy of actual online measuring, high reliability, long service life;

7. Simple installation and operation; the installation position can't be affected by anything;

8. Strong overload capability; the meter overload ability can reach above 6 times within the accuracy class.

9. Strong ability of transportation resistance; the instrument can't cause the change of error under kinds of normal transportation conditions, user needn't adjust it after opening the box.

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