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ZMZ-X series intelligent integrated low-voltage filtering power capacitor

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Products Feature

ZMZ-X type intelligent integrated low-voltage filtering capacitor (hereinafter referred to as product) is designed for situations where the  power grids have certain harmonic content, is  mainly applied to locations where the harmonic current  is 40% below (such as frequency converter, and other equipment),  it not only meets the requirements of reactive compensation and improving power factor, but also eliminates influence of high -order harmonic to the system, improves the electricity quality. its main characteristics as follows:

1. High quality type low-voltage capacitor, oil-free design, high safety;

2. Adoption of no-surge switching switch, with advanced technology, stable and reliable performances;

3. Adoption of special technology and process, effectively suppress high-order harmonic and surge,

     has obvious efficiency in suppressing harmonic of order 3, 5, 7, 9 and above;

4. Modular structure, flexible combination, convenient capacity expansion, simple installation, 

    convenient for maintenance; Intelligent network,

5. 485 communication interface, can switch in backstage computer, to carry out integrated management of distribution;

6. Adoption of decentralized control mode,  200,000 times of fault-free switching, with high reliability;

7. Humanized human-machine interface, simple operation, convenient maintenance, it is convenient for fault shooting on site;

8. It is equipped with SH explosion-proof device and temperature control device inside,

    which improves the running reliability in severe harmonic locations;

9. Outstanding energy-saving efficiency, it effectively increases the power factor,

     reduces electric power consumption and improves the electric energy quality.

Technical parameters

Ambient conditions

Ambient temperature: -25~55℃;

Relative temperature: 40℃, 20~90%;

Altitude: ≤2000m (give clear indications when placingan order if there is any special situation).

Power supply conditions

Rated voltage: -220V/~380V;

Voltage deviation: ±20%;

Voltage waveform: sine wave, total distortion rate not exceed 7%;

Rated frequency: 50Hz±5%;

Power consumption: <2W.

Electrical safety

Electrical clearance, creepage distance, insulation strength, safety protection, short-circuit strength, sampling and control circuit protection should all be in conformity with the corresponding clauses of standard DL/T842-2003 Ordering specification for low-voltage shunt capacitor installation.

Measurement error

Voltage: ≤0.5% (within 80~120% of rated voltage);

Current: ≤1% (within 5%~20% of rated current),

Power factor: ±1.5%;

Temperature: ±1℃.

Protection error

Voltage: ≤0.5%;

Current: ≤1%;

Temperature: ±1℃.

Time: ±0.01s.

Reactive compensation parameters

Switching interval of capacitor: >10s(1s~10s customized);

Reactive capacity: common compensation≤40kvar, separate compensation≤20kvar;

Online quantity: ≤20pcs.


Control accuracy: 100%;

Permissible switching times: 200,000 times;

Attenuation rate of running time of capacitor capacity: ≤1%/year;

Attenuation rate of switching of capacitor capacity: ≤0.1%/ten thousand times;

Annual fault rate: ≤1%.

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