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BSMJ Self-healing Type Low Voltage Shunt Power Capacitor

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Self healing low voltage shunt power capacitorwas used in 50Hz and 6oHz power system it mainlyimprover power factor, reduce reactive power loss,improve voltage quality. Encavate transformer quantityand so on. It is best saving power products whichcompany strong recommend and work.

This product meets the standard: GB/T 12747-2004,IEC60831-1996.


1.Small volume,light weight:It is only 1/4 and 1/5 of the weight and volume of the outdatedproducts resdeotively.

2.Low loss:With the actual loss less than 0.1,little radiation,low temperature rise,and goodenergy conservation effect.

3.Excellent self-healing performance:When a part of the isolation is fed through due to the over voltage,

it is capable of self-healing so as to continue the operation,therefore the reliabilityis improved greatly.

4.Safety:Equipped with self-discharging resistant and safety devices inside,the inner dischargingresistant can make the attached electric

discharged;when thereis wrong with the capacitor,the fuse equipment can cut out the electric power,so that no more trouble with the

capacitor,safetyand rcliable.

5.Without oil leakage:this product adoped advanced half-solid materials driips miltin-gpoint higher than 70°C,avoid leakge during operation and

protect the envirament, the capacitorwillnot no use since the leakage.

6.anti corrupt and preventing fake cover,beautiful and substance. Pressing metal cover we use special double anti corrupt craftmanship,

so it improve the products anti corruption,special anti fake design,exquisite artistic.

Code And Implication

Technical parameter

1. Rated voltage:230VAC, 250VAC, 400VAC, 450VAC, 525VAC, 690VAC,750VAC,1050VAC,1200VAC,

   other special voltage please notice it

2. Rated capacity:0.4~0.69kvar,1~60kvar,other voltage class capacity please notice it

3. Rated frequency:50HZ or 60HZ

4. capacity tolerance:-5~+10%

5. Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage):tgδ≤0.01 at 20°C

6. Anti voltage:between two pole 2.15 time rated voltage is 10s,between two pole 3kv please choose highest value 10s,

   there is noperpetuity puncture and Flash over

7. Max permit over voltage:1.1time rated voltage,the high permit over voltage is not more than 8 hours within 24 hours.

                                         1.15 time rated voltage,it is not more than 30 minute within 24 hours,

                                         1.2 time rated voltage it is not more than 5 minute,

                                         1.3 times ratedvoltage,it would not more than 1 minute

8. Max permit over current:it is permit that the over current is not more than 1.3 time rated current,

   interim over current it should consider over voltage,capacity positive tolerance and harmonic effect. 

   Interim over current is not more than 1.43 time rated current.

9. connection△Ytype,Y type should draw out through neuter,III three section,single phase type,and all kind of

  connections way.Other connections way it will notice when you order it

10. Discharge property: the-left voltage will reduce from  2Un to below 50V within 3 minutes when the power cut off.
11. Standard: GB/T12747-2004, IEC60831: 212002.

Main Technical Date

Installation and Dimension Chart

                            1                                              2                                                    3

                   4                                              5