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ZMZ-C series intellect integration power capacitor

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ZMZ-C series intellect integration power capacitor is new reactive compensation equipment which is 0.4kv low voltage distribution electric nethigh save powerreduce wire lossimprove power factor and power quality. It make up by intellect testing unit over zero input switch circuit and protect unittwo pcsor one pcYlow voltage capacitor. This capacitor replace for low voltage power capacitor which is make up by intellect controller fuse and combine switch or contactorthermal relay. Low voltage power capacitor indicate lighting and other component of bank which connect one conductor make up to auto reactive compensate equipment. It change tradition reactive compensate big volume and very strong instruction mode. So new power capacitor has good compensate functionlow volumelow power lossgood pricesave costand using convenientmaintain is easy and long lifereliability is bestit suitable modern intellect electric net reactive compensate demanding.

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Wiring Diagram

Three-phase Compensation Diagram

Single-phase compensation and Hybrid compensation