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DDS450J Single-phase electronic watt-hour meters with LCD and RS485 communication

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DDS450J series single-phase electronic watt-hour meter adopts the latest MPU and low-power consumption large-scale integrated circuit technology as well as SMT technology, it has many features such as high accuracy, high stability, visible display, adopts LCD, can measure electric energy positively and negatively, and has ability of anti-electricity theft, is suitable for measuring AC single-phase active energy of reference voltage 220V and reference frequency 50Hz, and its communication protocol has conformed  to DL/T6451997 Multi-function Watt-hour Meter Communication Protocol. 

Main Technical data

1. Executive standard: GB/T 17255-321-2008/ IEC 61036:2000, DL/T645-1997

2. Specified working voltage: 0.9Un~1.1Un

3. Power consumption: less than 2W (10VA)

4. Starting current: class 1 meter: 0.4%Ib; class 2 meter: 0.5%Ib

5. Creeping: anti-creeping logical circuit

6. Specified working temperature: -10℃~45℃

7. Utmost working temperature: -25℃~55℃

8. Strong overload capability: the meter overload ability can reach above 6 times within the accuracy class.

9. It can measure electric energy positively and negatively, can accumulate positively and has function of anti-electricity theft, luminescent tube indicates.

10. Accurate online measurement, strong ability of anti-interference, high reliability, the life can be more than 15 years.

11. Remote interruption of power supply function

12. Output interface RS485 and infrared communication

Produce Specification

Remark: according to the requirement, this meter can be equipped with remote breaking function, power failure display function and infrared meter reading function.

External And Installation Size