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DD862F Single-phase watt-hour meters (anti-electricity theft)

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It is the single-phase active energy watt-hour meter with multi functions of anti-electricity theft on an induction watt-hour meter, its performance is the same with that of DD862 series watt-hour meter, even, the connection circuit is completely same with that of DD862 series watt-hour meter, so it is convenient to main-tain and operate it. Besides, its technical parameter is the same with that of DD862 series watt-hour meter too. 

Normal working conditions and installation conditions

1. Specified working temperature:-10℃~45℃;

2. Utmost working temperature:-25℃~55℃;

3. Relative humidity: ≤85% (at environment temperature23℃);

4. There shall be no corrosive gas and dust, mold and insect in theair. 

Main Technical data

1. Anti-wire inversing

    If the electricity is stolen by the way of exchanging the inlet wire and outlet wire of watt-hour meter, this watt-hour meter register which can accumulate positively and negatively still counts positively as per speed of 1~5 times, however this watt-hour meter rotates inversely, so that the thief can't steal the electricity and is punished. 

2. Anti-unhook

    The metallic hook is connected in the meter that can't be removed, so that the electricity can't be stolen for stopping running of watt-hour meter, which is resulted in metallic hook is unconnected. 

Produce Specification

External And Installation Size