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DT8 Series three phase watthour meters

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DT8 series three-phase watt-hour meter is a induction meter, which is applicable to measure the rated frequency 50Hz and power loss of active energy meter. The series active energy meter are completely conformed to National Standard GB/T 15283-1994 Class 0.5, 1 and 2 AC Active Watt-hour Meter and International Standard IEC521

Fuction and Features

1. Sub-close iron core the die-casting frame is made of alloy aluminum, to assure the magnetic line stable and reliably;

2. Meter bearing has two kinds, may select dual jewel or magnetic thrust;

3. May select 5+1 digits or 5 digits register;

4. May select 5 kinds of cases: bakelite, PC, ABC plastic, glass and Aluminum.

Produce Specification

External And Installation Size