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CJ19-25 AC Contactor

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Cj19 series AC contactor for switching shunt capacitor (hereinafter call -contactor) is mainly used in the system of Ac 50 or 60Hz, rated voltage up to 380V, for switching on/off shunt capacitor in the low voltage reactive compensating bank. If  the contactor with surge restrained device, it can effectively prevent surging current when closing and over voltage during opening.


The contactor is of direct-action double break structure, the contact system consists of upper and downward layout, upper part has 3pairs of contacts and current limiting resistance what become surge restrained device, when closing current limiting contacts will make several milliseconds at firstly, then working contact is made closed later, current limiting contact will be released under the action of everlasting magnet and spring, current limiting resistance is switched off, capacitor then operate normally, inner wiring diagram as Drawing 4

Cj19 25~43 contactor has 2 pairs of auxiliary contacts, CJ19 63~95 contactors have 3 pairs of auxiliary contacts, the terminals have provided insulating cover for safety, coil terminals have been marked clearly. CJ19 25~43 can be mounted by screw or by 35mm railway, a dismount able square blank card in cover is provided for spare when required to print something as user. CJ19 63~95 can be mounted on 35 or 75 mm railway.

Code and Implication

Normal working condition and mounting conditions

Ambient temperature: -5℃ ~ 40℃, daily average over 35℃

Altitude not more than 2000m;

Ambient conditions: relative humidity not more than 50% at 40, if lower temperature humidity can be higher,

on the month when maxi average humidity occurs the temperature shall be not more than 25℃,

on this month the maxi average  humidity shall not more  than 90%,

and  there has considered the mist covering the product

Polluted class: 3 grade

Installation class: 3 grade

Mounting conditions: the mounting inclined angle shall not more than±5°

Impact vibration: there shall have no severe vibration, impact and vibration

Main Technical data

Outline and mounting sizes